Elden Ring Guide: Things to do Before Burning the Erdtree

If you are trying to burn the erdtree then consider these Things to do before burning the Erdtree. Elden Ring has a variety of endings, one of which involves burning the Erdtree. In the Lands Between, there is a brilliant and noticeable tree known as The Erdtree. This tree holds a special place in the game’s enormous globe and is a recognisable component of it. As a result, burning it may cause some to wonder what will happen once the radiant tree has been burned. We are here to remove all of these doubts and more with the help of our guide. For more information on what to do after burning Erdtree in Elden Ring, keep reading.

Elden Ring :

From Software is renowned for its hazy and perplexing backstory and for providing scant to no in-game instructions. You might decide to move on without burning the Erdtree if you can’t beat the fire monster. But occasionally, it would not be feasible because the only way to advance the plot might be to destroy the Erdtree.

The Elden Ring is a subject about which we still know a great deal. Players have discovered some of the secrets that have been kept secret thanks to its rapidly expanding community. One of those is Edtree, and players are coming up with inventive ways to play it.

Elden Ring presently has six endings that players have found. Despite the hard-fought win, these conclusions, unfortunately, leave us with more questions than solutions. We’ll look at the prerequisites for each of the below endings, try to explain what occurs in each one, and speculate on what the Lands Between’s future might hold.

Below, we’ll go over each of the six Elden Ring endings and how to unlock them. Unfortunately, each of them leaves a lot to be desired, therefore we will rely on mythology and context cues to fill in some of the holes.

In order to advance through the main plot, you must burn the Erdtree. Although you have the ability to decline, it is still an option. That is your sole route from the Elden Ring Site of Grace if you want to reach the region beyond the Erdtree. However, doing so will label the majority of your other tasks as unavailable because the NPCs who distribute them will either be dead or absent. After finishing all of the main and side objectives, you can postpone the burning until the very end of the game.

Elden Ring Guides

Things to do Before Burning the Erdtree

Although you can put off doing it, burning the Erdtree is essential to the game’s plot. Melina will resurface when you go to Forge of the Fire Giants, which is situated at Mountaintops of the Giants, and she will ask you whether you’re prepared to commit a cardinal sin. To advance in the main plot, players will eventually have to burn the Erdtree. This is so that you can’t get the Erdtree without first destroying all the roots and chains that surround it.

A cutscene follows the Erdtree burning, and you awaken in Lyndell, Ashen Capital. This action will result in the destruction of the Royal City, but it will still be possible for you to access the Erdtree via the Elden Throne Site of Grace. Before burning the Erdtree, it is best to finish any side quests and other questlines involving NPCs. Burning the Erdtree should be viewed as an irreversible action by players because some NPCs vanish or move.

Answered: Things to do Before Burning the Erdtree

  1. In order to discover what is beyond Elden Ring’s main plot, burning the Erdtree is a crucial step. You can access the region beyond Erdtree in Elden Ring by deciding to burn the Erdtree.
  2. Leyndell will change into the Ashen Capital after Erdtree burns. Both Sir Gideon the All-Knowing and Godfrey the First Elden Lord must be fought and vanquished. You will be able to discover what lies beyond Erdtree by doing this.
  3. In addition to these effects, burning Erdtree will inevitably result in the demise of some NPCs. You must choose whether or not to burn the tree in advance if you intend to access any of the game’s quests. You won’t be able to access some NPCs’ quests or assignments since they will perish when the tree is burned. Additionally, you’ll notice that some map areas will be made restricted and inaccessible to you. In order to stop the burning of Erdtree, you can also decide to obtain the Age of Order ending.

Editor’s Final Thoughts:

Burning the Erdtree has a number of effects, including making Leyndell the Ashen Capital, killing some of the Roundtable Hold’s NPCs, and locking up several places. It is preferable to delay access to what lies beyond the Erdtree until last because you will also have to battle Godfrey the First Elden Lord and Sir Gideon the All-Knowing to get there.

The Age of Order must come to an end in order to save the Erdtree from being burned. That is all there is to know regarding whether or not the Erdtree in Elden Ring should be set on fire. Check out our other guides as well if you enjoyed this one. Stay tuned for more games.

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