Walkthrough Guide: LEGO Star Wars Chrome Dome Down Challenges

Are you looking for the best Chrome Dome Down Challenges guide? All nine Star Wars episodes are covered in the game LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, and every level of Episode VIII – The Last Jedi contains bonus challenges. Players will be able to continue their planet-hopping adventure via the sequel trilogy once they have finished Episode VII’s Story Mode. Players have 15 different challenges to find throughout Episode VIII, with three challenges to find in each level.

Lego Star Wars:

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga‘s key selling point is that you can practically go through all nine of the movies. This occurs over the course of three trilogies, each of which requires the unlocking of all but the first episode.

Although it does adhere to the movie’s plot, it is very much a highlights reel. It’s feasible to follow without any prior knowledge of the franchise, but it will undoubtedly help. Even more so considering that it will occasionally incorporate fandom references, such as an extra mission that involves questioning witnesses regarding whether Han shot first or a nod to a Star Wars meme.

It’s not an exact retelling either; just like any LEGO game. It frequently includes humour. In one instance, Lando substitutes the droid C3P0 in a wig for Leia when he and Han Solo are reunited.

Most of the narrative is presented through animated cutscenes and voiceovers that appear throughout missions. However, optional quests only employ voiceless text.

I undeniably favoured the humorous approach to the Skywalker Saga movies. Even while younger audiences might be less familiar with some of the earlier films, they should find it appealing because of the relatively straightforward plot and lots of physical humour in the cutscenes.

Chrome Dome Down Challenges

One of the six Kyber Bricks that may be obtained from each stage of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will be awarded to players who complete all three tasks in a stage. In LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga, Kyber Bricks can be utilised to enhance the skills and powers of each class as well as the universal abilities that apply to all 380 playable characters. Additionally, after finishing the level in Story Mode, discovering all five Minikits, and gathering enough Studs to attain True Jedi Rank, players can obtain the last five Kyber Bricks.

As players progress through each level in The Skywalker Saga, they will have to look for the level challenges on their own. Rumors, on the other hand, can be acquired from the Missions page of the Holoprojector and will inform players of each goal. Each Rumor costs 30,000 Studs, thus it will cost players a total of 450,000 to unlock all 15.

Answered: List of Chrome Dome Down Challenges

  • Heads Up, Chrome Dome! – Shoot the TIE Interceptors to drop them on Captain Phasma.
  • Phasma-tastic! – Use the environment to find nine different ways to inflict damage on Captain Phasma.
  • Trouble Underfoot – Use the AT-ST to trample 10 stormtroopers.

Chrome Dome Down Challenges Walkthrough Guide:

  1. Wait for a TIE Interceptor to pass above Captain Phasma during the initial confrontation of the quest, then shoot the green button to drop it on her. You can only complete this challenge by dropping a TIE Interceptor, which is distinguishable by its distinct wings from those of TIE Fighters.
  2. You need to harm Phasma in 9 different ways for this task. Shoot a TIE Fighter when it passes above the boss during the first encounter with her.
  3. Build a cannon to fight Phasma and destroy the crates in the area’s centre.
  4. Place the bomb beneath the boss’s platform while standing above it.
  5. Use the TIE Fighter’s nearby terminal to your advantage during the second conflict. Use your opportunity to play the bad guy to lob a grenade under Phasma’s platform.
  6. Use the cannon in the centre of the space to harm her.
  7. Climb the scaffolding for the final confrontation, then push the reactor’s start lever.
  8. Take the battery and insert it into the neighbouring terminal. When an AT-ST passes over the boss, shoot it.
  9. Finally, use a villain to unlock the chest, grab a Heavy Repeater, and use it on the Captain.
  10. Trample the Stormtroopers in the mission’s last phase to access the challenge.

Editor’s Final Thoughts:

This game responds to your “I love you” with “I know” and then surprises you with a humorous moment in the middle of a heated conflict between the light and the dark. With Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, TT Games is in top form, which only increases my optimism for the future of Lego Star Wars and the other IPs it collaborates on.

My interest was maintained by the enormous variety of places to explore, things to do, and collectibles in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. There were many giggles from the humour, and there were several inside jokes for aficionados of the franchise. It’s a wonderful way to relive the Star Wars universe.

Stay tuned for more guides.

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