LEGO Star Wars: First Order of Business Challenges

Are you trying to solve the First Order of Business Challenges? The third Star Wars trilogy is essentially represented by this episode. The First Order came back in search of the New Republic following a deadly galactic civil war. General Leia is still looking for his brother Luke Skywalker in the interim. The powerful Kylo Ren is now in charge of the Stormtroopers. Your primary responsibility in this episode is to essentially get away from everything in the first phase.

Just after the clock has advanced a little bit more, you will see yourself engaging in dogfights with TIE fighters. Last but not least, you receive a visit from the powerful Kylo Ren himself. Until then, finish some thrilling tasks along the route, get some studs, upgrade, and other such things. In this episode, allow me to be your guide.

Lego Star Wars

Fans of the modern Star Wars franchise can all agree that the tone of each of the enduring film trilogies that make up the canon is very different. The cohesion of the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a true miracle considering how different each of the films are, from the CG-drenched prequel trilogy to the sand-covered, majestic heights of the original movie to the muddle of the sequel trilogy.

This new Star Wars canon adaptation tries to do the unthinkable by combining the various elements of the Star Wars story into a slick, attractive package. It’s more than up to the task with distinctive combat, a wide variety of puzzles and opportunities for exploration, and one of the most beautiful Lego worlds yet.

The setup is straightforward: you have the choice of seeing the narrative of each mainline Star Wars movie at your own pace. Start with The Phantom Menace if you want to get the full picture and learn how those annoying Jedi became so elusive. Alternatively, you can start with The Force Awakens or A New Hope, depending on your preference.

No matter whatever episode you pick, you’ll be thrown into a fast-paced Star Wars journey that takes you through all the key scenes of each movie while also incorporating timeless Lego gameplay. Investigate Coruscant! Smash up the landscape! To solve environmental riddles, use the force! Learn more about Lego Star Wars on Wikipedia!

First Order of Business Challenges

Players can see all nine movies in the three Star Wars trilogies in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. There are five stages in each movie, or episode, and three optional Challenges for players to fulfill on each level.

The game’s in-game currency, studs, can be used to unlock information that is by default locked-up regarding various Level Challenges. Players can spend 30,000 studs to specifically unlock a “Rumor” associated with a Level Challenge.

These “Rumors” tell players of the steps they must take to finish each Level Challenge. In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, there are 135 Level Challenges to finish, which means there are 135 Rumors available for purchase.

Hazardous Work EnvironmentDefeat the foes in the hangar bay by using hazards
Party Time!Trigger the disco
Sneaking MissionFind out an alternate underground route into the hanger bay

Starting from your current position, turn sharply to the right. The Stormtrooper who just finished his last job should be blasted away. After that, open the door using a grappling hook. Now proceed down the hall. You’ll soon find yourself in the control room. Arrange the keys to unlock the back door. When you get to the end of the line, you’ll suddenly see yourself climbing a ladder. After that will come Hanger.

When you are inside the hanger, you will notice some targets scattered throughout. Take aim at the targets. It will kill a few of the soldiers.You need to return to the hallway where you first entered. A commander will soon be in the break room. Don’t trail him like a stalker! Enter the chamber from the corner. Blow up the trash, then use the components to construct a command console. Make Poe the disco ball’s trigger. He’ll see to it that he drops one from the ceiling. This is where you end.

Gameplay Review:

Even though LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is one of the best LEGO games to date, if not the best, there are still some bugs that must be mentioned. The game has randomly crashed around a dozen times in the two to three weeks since I started playing it, necessitating a restart each time. Additionally, I had to restart my game in order for one of the Episode II missions, a chase with Zam Wessel, to function properly because the entire screen went white while the audio continued to play.

A strange bug that always happens to me without fail and that has gotten incredibly annoying to deal with every time a protocol droid puzzle comes up is that if I ever change one of my two characters to a protocol droid in free roam, I cannot change the droid back to another character unless I travel to a different planet. There is little doubt that the game’s overall quality is diminished by all of these flaws.

Editor’s Final Thoughts:

For Star Wars lovers of all ages, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a fantastic game. I would be hesitant to spend full price on any LEGO game, but LEGO The Skywalker Saga really lives up to the hype. With well over 300 characters to choose from, several places to explore in depth, and tasks to perform, not to mention the streamlined but accurate translation of the game’s title film series, there is a lot of content in the game.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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