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Best Games Like Scary Teacher 3D For Android 2022 is now available with complete details on onpointgame. You can see the best Games Like Scary Teacher 3D for Android for free.

Games Like Scary Teacher 3D

Best Games Like Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D is one of the best simulation, survival games and it’s a single-player game. The game is developed by Z and K Games for Android and IOS. During the Gameplay, the player plays the role of a female protagonist who is a student of a scary teacher. The teacher is very strict, and scary, and often threatens, punishes, and tortures the kids. The kids want to get rid of the scary teacher.

This scary teacher lives near the protagonist’s neighborhood and the player must prepare a plan to terrify the teacher so that she can leave her and her school and she can go to school with her friends without any fear. To complete this objective you have to complete several tasks within the limited time to succeed in the objective. But, The player must react and think very carefully about her action because if the scary teacher catches you to do something then it will be difficult to get freed of her.

The teacher’s house has almost fifteen rooms and each room has a hidden mystery so that the player has to recover all the hidden items quietly to bring the scariness of the teacher to light. The Player sees the objectives from a first-person viewpoint while investigating the house. Scary Teacher 3D has core features, such as Horror Themes, Open-world, 15 Rooms, Mysteries, First-person Perspective, and Survival Gameplay.

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Best Games Like Scary Teacher 3D

These are some best Games Like Scary Teacher 3D for android in 2022 you can play them on any android device.

1. Death Park: Scary Clown Survival Horror Game

Euphoria Horror Games is one of the best alternatives to Scary Teacher 3D that is published by Euphoria Horror Games and available on the google play store for free. As the name sounds it is a scary horror game. The game takes place in a park that is filled with horror clowns and several puzzles where your main task of yours as a player is to escape from the park.

You have to make sure you do not make a sound otherwise an evil clown will catch you if made a sound. The game story and outcomes depend on your actions.


2. Scary Boss 3D

You are newly hired by an organization and your boss is the worst boss. But you have to teach him a lesson so that every employer will work without getting scared.

It’s your 1st day at the office. Find your cabin. Get files from your desk and submit them to your Boss’ Office. In the end, the Boss will yell upon you and here you will decide to make his life hell.

Boss is out for a while. Go to his office and paint mustaches on his portrait right behind his chair. Do this before he comes back. Flirt with a boss assistant before he comes back. Get a flower from the side table and give it to her. Ask her for a date. Make a printout of the boss picture and write I AM CRAZY on it. Put it on Office Walls while you avoid getting caught.

3. Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is an adventure, horror, and single-player video game that is developed by TinyBuild for Multiple Platforms. The game lets you experience the stealth-themed horror gameplay revolving around the protagonist who needs to sneak into the house of his newly shifted neighbor next to his home to figure out what deadly secrets the targeted person is hiding in his basement.

In the game, your goal is to go against advanced AI that learns from your move. Your neighbor may set a deadly trap to stop you from revealing your secrets. There are several levels available, and each one assigns you a series of tasks to complete. In the game, you can experience the suspenseful horror gameplay that centers on sneaking across the house of your neighbor.


4. Scary Butcher 3D

Scary Butcher 3D is a Strategy, Adventure, and Single-player Horror video game that was released by Z and K Games for Mobile Devices. The game takes you into an exciting setting where you have to fight against a butcher and uncover the dark secrets. You aren’t able to directly fight the butcher since there is a knife in his possession that can break your person into a number of pieces. Find different methods to beat the butcher as you search for clues that will reveal hidden secrets.

The world The environment is 3D and the game is full of mysteries to be revealed. In the course of playing you will be able to participate in numerous fun-filled activities to enjoy yourself while escaping the butcher. The game has stunning graphics and incredible soundtracks that keep you engaged in playing a fun and exciting game. It comes with a map of directions as well as hints to help you whenever you encounter any type of difficulty. Scary Butcher 3D includes core features like Different Rooms, Challenging Missions and Fun Activities, Amazing Sounds, and much more.


5. Scary Child

Scary Child is also a simulation game that is developed by Z and K and also published by them. The scary child is an adventure and horror video game launched with a single-player version. The game will take players to a haunted place where you will have to confront the terror of a child. According to the plot the haunted house was plagued by an infamous series of killers. He sat in the night and sneak into homes to seek out his victims.



These are the best Chota Bheem games you can play on android. Many other games are also available on the internet but we give you the best and free games that are available on the google play store. Best Chota Bheem Games For Android 2022 is now available on onpointgame. You can suggest some of more best Chota Bheem games of your choice in the comment section.

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