Competes in the X Games – 7 Little Words

Competes in the X Games – 7 Little Words: The X Games are an annual extreme sports event that features competitions in everything from skateboarding and BMX to motocross and snowboarding.

If you’re trying to figure out the 7 little words clue “competes in the x games,” you’ve come to the right place.

A Brief History of the X Games

The X Games were created in 1995 by ESPN as a summer counterpart to the winter-based Winter X Games. The first X Games took place in Rhode Island and featured competitions in sports like street luge, bungee jumping, skateboarding, BMX and mountain biking. Over the years, the X Games expanded to multiple events around the world.

Who Competes in the X Games?

The X Games feature the world’s best extreme sports athletes across multiple disciplines. Some of the top competitors over the years have included:

  • Tony Hawk – legendary skateboarder with multiple X Games gold medals
  • Shaun White – star snowboarder with 15 X Games golds
  • Travis Pastrana – motocross legend and rally racer with numerous X Games podiums
  • Leticia Bufoni – leading female street skateboarder and multi-time gold medalist

The fields are comprised of professional as well as amateur athletes invited from around the world. Competitors must perform awe-inspiring tricks and stunts to win gold.

Major X Games Sports

While sports have been added and removed over the years, some mainstay competitions in the X Games include:

  • Skateboarding – street, vert, park, etc.
  • BMX – vert, park, street, big air
  • Moto X – freestyle, best trick, stepped up, endurocross
  • Rallying – rallycross, RallyCar racing
  • Snowboarding – superpipe, slopestyle, big air

Within each sport, there are men’s and women’s divisions. The competition formats involve timed runs or head-to-head jam sessions judged on difficulty, originality and execution.

Notable Moments

Some iconic highlights in X Games history:

  • Tony Hawk completing the first ever 900 (2.5 aerial spins) in skateboard vert in 1999
  • Travis Pastrana winning gold in Moto X freestyle and rally racing in 2006
  • Shaun White landing the first double McTwist 1260 in the snowboard superpipe in 2009
  • Leticia Bufoni becoming the first woman to land a 1080 (3 full aerial spins) in skateboard vert in 2017

The X Games continue to push the progression of action sports year after year through the incredible talents of the world-class competitors.

In Summary

The X Games are the pinnacle events in extreme sports, featuring the top athletes in everything from skateboarding to snowmobiling. If you’re trying to solve the crossword puzzle clue “competes in the x games,” any of the pros and amateurs who ride and fly at the X Games fit the answer. It takes incredible skill, courage and creativity to reach the podium and take home X Games gold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the X Games?

The X Games are an annual extreme sports competition organized by ESPN featuring events like skateboarding, motocross, BMX, snowboarding, surfing, and more. They began in 1995 as the Extreme Games and were renamed the X Games in 2003.

Who competes in the X Games?

The X Games brings together the best extreme sports athletes in both professional and amateur divisions from all over the world. Big name stars as well as up-and-coming young guns compete across the various disciplines.

How often do the X Games take place?

There are winter and summer X Games held yearly. The Winter X Games take place in January or February. The Summer X Games are typically held in July or August. There are also specialty global X Games events held periodically.

What are some of the most popular X Games sports?

Some of the staple X Games sports are skateboarding (street, vert, park), BMX (vert, park dirt), Moto X (freestyle, endurocross), snowboarding (superpipe, big air), snowmobiling, and rally racing.

Where are the X Games held?

The Winter X Games are usually hosted in Aspen, Colorado. Summer X Games locations have included Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Austin, Munich Germany, Sydney Australia and more. Pre-pandemic, X Games would rotate to different global cities each year.

I hope this detailed article helps explain what the X Games are and who competes in this prestigious extreme sports competition. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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