6 Amazing Games Like Star Wars Empire at War (Best and Free Alternatives)

6 Amazing Games Like Star Wars Empire at War: The fantastic Real-Time Strategy video game Star Wars: Empire at War transports you right into the epic interstellar battles and offers a delightful new way to appreciate the genre. You can pick a side in the ongoing struggle between the Rebels and the Empire and jump right into the fight. Your job is to choose one of the two main missions, hunt down your adversaries, join Darth Vader’s army or command a rebel force, and fight to accomplish the objectives. Explore several planets, construct enormous bases and other structures to display your strength, raise a large number of troops, and fight the enemy in epic conflicts.

6 Amazing Games Like Star Wars Empire at War (Best and Free Alternatives)

By playing in Conquest Mode, you can take on the entire galaxy, apply your best methods against the adversaries, and eventually rule the area around you. Capturing and defending the Death Star, the ultimate emblem of power, is one of the key goals. You can simply order your adversaries to stay away from you if you manage to defeat them and seize the death star. The game’s grand strategy component lets you manage your resources, finances, and come up with plans that will eventually move you closer to domination. The best features of this amazing game include creating structures, managing resources, looking for technology, creating new ones, etc.

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List of 6 Amazing Games Like Star Wars Empire at War (Best and Free Alternatives)

1. Humankind

While Humankind surpasses Firaxis’ main series, Civilization could have easily been included on this list as another 4X strategy game with elements of Total War. Humanity mostly does this with its effective yet straightforward combat system.

Since players can guide their tribe of people from the Neolithic to the Modern era while growing their culture and incorporating elements from many cultures to create their own narrative, Humankind offers much more strategic versatility than any Total War game.

Contrary to many other planetary 4X games, Humankind features a tactical combat system that takes place as opposing armies collide on the strategic map itself, resulting in amazing multi-turn battles involving a variety of soldiers and strategies. In the later levels of the game, the scale of these can be extremely astonishing.

Even Total War doesn’t always get the terrain system of the human species correct, which can have a huge impact on unit positioning and battle effectiveness. So Humankind fits the bill wonderfully if you’re hoping to start playing a large strategy game that still features thrilling fighting.

2. Hegemony 3: Clash of the Ancients

Of all the games on the list in 6 Amazing Games Like Star Wars Empire at War, Hegemony is probably the most distinctive strategy game to play alongside the other Total War-inspired games. Hegemony 3 takes place in the ancient world, but rather than starting with the clichéd Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage, it takes place in the early years of the Roman Republic as it seeks to spread throughout the Italian Peninsula.

Combat does feel slower and has fewer choices for micromanagement thanks to this unified strategic and tactical view feature, but from a realism perspective, it benefits the game. Hegemony shares a lot of similarities with Field of Glory’s emphasis on historical accuracy, so anyone searching for not only a more historically accurate take on the concept but also a distinctive location should give this one a look.

3. Secret of Mana

Action role-playing, single-player, and multiplayer video game Secret of Mana was developed and released by Square. It is the follow-up to Seiken Densetsu, a game released in 1991. Instead of having a turn-based combat system, the game employs real-time conflicts. It adds a command menu choice that enables the player to pause the action and make a choice in the middle of a combat. The second and third players can enter the game environment at any time thanks to the cooperative mechanism. It employs a top-down perspective and places the player in adventures that need him to explore the surroundings and engage in combat with dangerous animals.

Popoi, Primm, and Randi are the names of three characters, including the sprite, the girl, and the protagonist. During the game, the player can choose one of three characters, with the other two acting as AI-controlled companions (Artificial Intelligence). Each character has a strong point and a weak point. The fantasy setting where the game is set has an energy source called mana. The Mana Fortress, a warship, is created by the human using the energy source. The god became enraged and sent an army of enormous animals to battle civilization. Secret of Mana is the best fantasy game to play and enjoy, featuring excellent mechanics and captivating gameplay.

4. Vega Conflict

The sci-fi backdrop of Vega Conflict transports you there, where you can immerse yourself in the most epic and amazing MMO and RTS game-play. The goal of the game is to explore and conquer the entire galaxy while maximising your reign by employing cutting-edge tactics and strategy in real-time. To do this, you must build a massive space base, upgrade it with the aid of the newest technologies, and make your defences impenetrable. You must also locate your allies, form strategic alliances with them, and invade your enemies to conquer their settlements and enjoy ruling over the entire galaxy.

The main goal of the game is to capture and seize enemy-built space stations, steal their resources, and establish your superiority via the deployment of cutting-edge weapons and strategies. Remember to avoid engaging in combat with foes who are more powerful than you are if you don’t want to suffer severe defeat. Build up enough strength and amass enough resources to overcome the larger opposing troops, extend your rule over the area, and conquer those who are weaker than you to unite them with your forces. The majority of the game’s battles are PvP and PvE-based, allowing you to display your greatest strength.

5. Knights of Honor

Knights of Honor, a game created at the same time as the original Rome: Total War and released just over a week after CA’s iconic title, is probably the game that comes the closest to capturing Total War’s ethos. In actuality, Knights of Honor incorporates several aspects seen in Paradox’s grand strategy games, most notably the real-time approach to the strategic map. It is not a Total War clone.

In contrast to Total War’s military emphasis, Knights of Honor also features an intriguing council system where these characters not only influence the many aspects of the player’s country but also carry out essential tasks like spying.

6. Galaxy Phantasy Prelude

Galaxy Phantasy Prelude is a free-to-play Action-Adventure MMORPG created by “Moonfish Software Limited.” The game transports you to an extraterrestrial space civilization and places you in command of a sizable fleet of spacecraft for infinite conflicts with your foes and exploration.

You get to control more than 46 spacecraft in an open environment, including little frigates, enormous battleships, research lab ships, etc. Galaxy Phantasy Prelude offers you a fun and challenging gaming experience that allows you to participate in the most action-packed, strategy-filled fights, destroy your enemy’s ships, and steal their resources (Energy, Rations, Supplies etc.) explore the enormous, ever-growing universe, etc.

You can also enjoy stunning graphics, simple swipe and tilt controls, and a variety of upgrades available as in-app purchases in Galaxy Phantasy Prelude. Playing and enjoying Galaxy Phantasy Prelude is a terrific experience. Do give it a go.

Ending Note On 6 Amazing Games Like Star Wars Empire at War (Best and Free Alternatives)

Real-time strategy game Star Wars: Empire at War thrusts you right into the middle of the intergalactic conflict. The game, which depicts the conflict between the Rebels and the Empire, is loosely based between the events of Episode III and Episode IV of the Star Wars saga.

If you are looking for 6 Amazing Games Like Star Wars Empire at War then this list is the only thing you need to know, let us know your comments on our suggestions below.

Stay tuned for more games.

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